Landlord Information
Just for Landlords

In Canyon Falls we welcome our Landlords and their tenants! Your tenants are always welcomed to participate in our social activities, join our Canyon Falls Community Watch Facebook page, and receive our newsletters. We will also provide limited access to our website to your tenants.

What you need to know before you lease your property:

  • Our Canyon Falls Deed Restrictions do not allow for short-term rentals. Those Owners leasing a home may not have a lease term shorter in duration than six (6) months. In no respects shall any home be rented as a vacation home, bed & breakfast or any other short-term rental property.
  • It is the Landlords responsibility to ensure their tenants have copies of the Associations documents, aware of the Associations deed-restrictions, and their properties maintain compliance. Billings and communications will be sent to the Owner in accordance to the Associations governing documents.
  • Landlords are to update the Association with a copy of their tenants lease, names & contact information for new tenants. The Landlord may dax out any financial or in-kind information.  Leases are to be provided within thirty (30) days of the tenant signing the contract. 
  • Tenants will not have website authorization until the Landlord submits the information stated above.
Should you have any questions, please Contact Us!