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How to Prepare Your Home for Severe Weather
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Each year, the country is hit with hurricanes, tornadoes, hailstorms, super storms, flooding, and more. Of course, you have insurance to help you recover. But knowing and doing a few things now—while the weather’s fair—can help you and your family stay safe and help you protect your property if the unexpected happens.
Celebrating Our Parents
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Mothers Day and Fathers Day will soon be here! Are you thinking of ways you can show your appreciation for their love and support?
How to Maintain a Healthly Lawn in the Houstonian Area Climate
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Memorial Day is a big time of year in the Houston Metro & surrounding areas. Whether you’re going to a concert or taking in one of many parades around Houston, Baytown and Sugar Land, the sun on your face is a welcome reprieve from the fleeting memory of winter. For many Houston residents, there’s no better kick-off to the summer than a backyard cookout, and nothing worse for an outdoor party than to have your lawn in bad shape. Now is the time to start taking the necessary precautions to ensure that the Texas heat doesn’t inflict its damage on your yard.  
Read more Tips about Watering, Mowing, Preventative Care, & Pest Control ....... 
Avoid A Griswald Christmas
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Growing up I laughed along with the Griswald's with each holiday calamity! However, as an adult who had a few
of these calamities myself, I certainly never had one that ruined Christmas like the Griswald's!
Here's some safety tips to help avoid a Griswald Christmas
Annoyed by Neighbors Who Park on the Street? You're Not Alone!
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Those darned neighbors who park their cars on the street instead of their driveways create quite a nuisance!
Street parking inhibits the safe movement of fire apparatus, ambulances, law enforcement vehicles, school buses, U.S. Mail and utility vehicles. Additionally, it causes an unsafe environment for pedestrians to move freely around their neighborhood, especially small children.
How to Register on Website
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To Register on the Canyon Falls website:
  1. Click on Register in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Select your Membership Type.  Do not be alarmed by the “Cost”. There is no cost to register on the website. Contact us if you have already made your annual HOA payment to IMC, we will verify and modify the accounting.
  3. Fill out the online Form, check you are not a robot, and click Continue.
  4. A Confirmation notification will be sent to your email once your registration is approved.
  5. Click on the link in the email. If you do not get an email, go to website and complete next step.
  6. On the website, set up your password. Your Username is your registered email address.
  7. Log into the Website and Update Profile.
  8. Register your Spouse under your profile to avoid billing duplications.
  9. Add your own content! If you own a business, you may add it to our Business Directory. Add your pet to the Pet Register so if they get out your neighbors know who to return them too!
If you have any questions, please Contact us!